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Sunway Trip / Friday, February 19, 2010
Went to Sunway Lagoon with KarKiet,1+,lulu and Popee
Waited for the U71 for bloody 45 minutes from 930am till 1015am
After that we changed stop at Jalan Klang Lama
waited as well for a bloody 30 minutes for a U76 bus
(All RapidKL's bus are so RAPID wei)
Reached Sunway Lagoon later from the time we expected
(we expected 1030am but we reached at 1100am -.-)
Bought the tickets and went in to meet the ladies
Changed our clothes and went to conquer the whole Lagoon xD
After that went to conquer the land section of the lagoon
but failed as i dont dare to ride all those roller coasters after i rode a 360 degree spinning pirate ship (=.=)
We stayed at Lagoon for 4 hours. After that we went to watch 72家房客
And then its the end of the day for us

I think that wraps up for today
hope you all ESPECIALLY you had a fun day
nites guys


11:36 PM


/ Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Wanna share a meeting of Love Story and Viva La Vida Piano Cello



9:09 PM


Its CNY baby!!!!! Part 2 / Monday, February 15, 2010
Today is the second day of the lunar new year
but im already boring like SHIT =.=
nobody come to my house and 拜年
so i went out with my aunt, grandma and bro to MV
thank god there's no JAM when we reached
if not we sure waste alot of time in finding parking -.-
Went to yum cha at Coffee Bean. The Ice Blended Black Forest sucks but the cheese cake is so damn delicious in my opinion~
Shopped for an hour + in Carrefour and went back after that

I think thats all for my second day of boring CNY
signing out

10:58 PM


It's CNY baby!!!! / Sunday, February 14, 2010
Today woke up at about 930am. Thanks to my mother....(=.=lll)
washed up then go to my grandmother's house to have breakfast
wished my family members a Happy New Year after that. Ang Pau then come straight right to my hand (wakakakakka)
We then drive ourselves to the first stop of the day---Jalan Imbi to 拜年. The house was crowded with humans when we reached
once i stepped inside to the house. All my relatives were giving me a “wah ken, you are growing TALLER and TALLER wei" face (-.-)
After "begging" for ang pau's, we stayed there and chit chatted for awhile as we all haven't seen each other for a long time

Went back for lunch after Jalan Imbi. Many relatives suddenly flooded the house when we were eating. First my 三叔公 and family came. Then 四叔婆 and family came.We quickly finish our lunch and quickly serve them. When we thought thats all. Another batch of relatives flooded the house AGAIN~ So our house was like packing sardines. We all were as busy as an ant. All came to visit my grandmother as she broke her leg last year and which means we receive more ang pau's (=D)

After my relatives left the house, I and my family went to our second stop of the day-- Setapak. Stayed there for about 2 hours++ and then went back for dinner

I think thats wraps up for today
Hope you all have a pleasant CNY
signing out

10:44 PM


/ Friday, February 12, 2010

Went to Times Square with 1+, lulu, joey, chung han, yoon yin, kar kiet and koon pheng after school as today the school let us off at 1200.
Once reached there we all went to collect tickets of 花田喜事2010
after that went to eat shabu shabu
the set that we order
it didnt satisfies our boys big appetite
some-more the price is (=.=lll)
after that we went to watch 花田喜事2010
the show is damn hilarious
but some part is abit boring-ish
after the show went back with 1+, lulu and joey via LRT

and thats all for the day
hope you all have a happy day

11:25 PM


a friend is better than nothing / Sunday, February 7, 2010
Its ok........ i think i know the answer already. At least becoming a friend is better than becoming enemies.right?

12:21 AM


/ Sunday, January 31, 2010

This songs title suits my feeling NOW AND FOREVER nia.....

(If thats what you wanted. That is what i will give you. )


5:37 PM